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Asks- What to ask each client or prospect at the end of every call. Anytime anybody calls in to make a payment, I ask about their Life insurance. My favorite simple Life insurance pivot is when people will call to add or replace a vehicle. In this scenario, I work up a quote for the vehicle, and then I say, “I have worked up a quote for our premier package which includes a $50k death benefit where if you were to pass away in the next 10 years we will pay this $50k to your family to help pay off the loan on your car, or any other debts up to $50k that you leave behind.” Then I share the premium for the package. “In this package, we are coming in at $XXX (the total price including the Instant Answer).” Next, I stop and listen for their response. The cool thing is that most of the time, people don’t even ask about the price without the death benefit coverage. If they do, I tell them the premium for just the vehicle change. The next thing is I explain the questions I need to ask regarding the death benefit coverage and I make sure to keep them on the phone until they are done signing their application. This is the easiest way I have found to get the policy in force. What’s my success rate using this pivot? I would say that about 60% of the people I offer this to with a replacement car will take me up on the offer. I have also been working on building bigger premium. I have done this by simply asking more customers: the more I ask, the better my results have been. In a recent example, I had a lady call in to change a card she had on file. I did a simple ask… did she have Life insurance outside of work. She told me that she doesn’t think they do. I explained the benefit of having Life insurance outside of work, like getting laid off, retiring, quitting, etc. In this example, I emailed her several quotes. I followed up the next week to learn they were interested but had questions. After waiting a month for them to think about it, we made an appointment for them to come into the office. While they didn’t buy during the appointment, they are coming back to complete an application for both her and her husband. The total premium on these two applications is $1100/month!

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