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Who We Are


We are a full service network of insurance agencies offering auto, home, life, health, medicare supplements, and retirement planning services.

But at the heart of all that are our people.  We

have an agent experienced in every facet of 

insurance ready and available to serve your needs.

We are spread across Colorado in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Calhan, Elizabeth, Denver, and Fort Collins areas.  We are ready to offer you excellent customer service and fantastic response times.  

Insurance Office Table

Insurance.Buzz consists of these major agencies:

HC Insurance Group

- Horse Creek Insurance

Avenger Insurance Group

and local captive agents for all the 

larger companies like Allstate, American National, Farmers, etc..

We've been buzzy bodies in the community.  See what we've been up to!

Touch A Truck Experience

Horse Expo

Springs Home and Garden Show

Boys And Girls Club

Why choose just one agency whether it's a brokerage or company representative when you can have it all?


Insurance can be a tough thing to shop for if you’re not acquainted with the industry. Just as no two insurance policies are the same, neither are different insurance carriers. With so many options to choose from, it’s good to keep certain qualities in mind when shopping for insurance. Here’s what to look for in a prospective insurance agency!


A quality insurance agency should be easy to reach and attentive to your needs. You should feel respected and cared for, not like just another number in someone’s ledger.


At Insurance.Buzz, we treat you as we treat our own neighbors — and the chances are good that you are our neighbor! We’ve been providing people all around the Colorado area with quality insurance coverage for more than 14 years, so we know the area well. We’ll be able to offer you a deeper knowledge of the local market than the big, national insurance companies, and we know which potential liabilities are most salient to Coloradans.

Insurance.Buzz is always just a phone call away. We won’t make you call a toll-free number and navigate through a maze of automated messages like the big guys do. Your needs are important to us!


Life is complicated. You’ve got a home and a car, and you may have a business or valuable personal property that needs protection, too. You should seek out an insurance agency that gives you the largest diversity of insurance policy options. This is where it pays to go with a local insurance agency — big companies are only going to offer you their own policies, whereas local agencies have access to the policy options of dozens to even hundreds of insurance providers.

We think we do a pretty great job of that here at Insurance.Buzz. We can search through the offerings of more than 200 insurance providers across the country to find you the best of the best insurance policies to meet your needs.


The reason there are so many different insurance policy options out there is because no two people are the same. Your needs aren’t going to be the same as your neighbor’s, and your policies shouldn’t be the same, either. You should choose an insurance agency like Insurance.Buzz that is able to put together custom insurance policy packages that meet your unique needs as precisely and cost-effectively as possible.


Finally, you should seek out a broker that can relate to you and shows a genuine interest in learning about your life in order to find the best policies to keep you, your family, and your passions protected. Insurance.Buzz’s team of insurance agents is made up of people who have long called the Colorado area home, many of whom are small business owners themselves. We set ourselves apart with our attentive customer service and our access to a large diversity of insurance policy options that rivals what national insurance companies can offer.


Call us today to get a quote, and find out the difference for yourself!

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